Looking for ways to spice up life while maintaining a killer physique.

5  facts about me:

  1. I like baby domino fish.
  2. Birthday’s on the 11th of August.
  3. I’m almost 6 feet and wanting to be taller. Tell me how.
  4. Has a soft spot for black coffee and matcha green tea.
  5. In less than a year, I transformed my 80 kilo skinny-fat self into a 6-packed powerlifter.

I started this blog for a multitude of reasons. First was because I enjoy the process of expressing myself, be it through writing or music or whatever, and writing seems to be a fascinating way of going about it. Secondly, I wanted to try and write online and see where that gets me, and I’m sincerely hoping for your feedback if possible. Third, my head is constantly buzzing with random ideas, for some reason planning content and managing a website is quasi-therapeutic for me. Fourth, meet new folks.

Thanks for visiting!!

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